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Summer 2013...


We're featured in a two-page article in The Northwest Difference, Northwest Federal Credit Union's quarterly magazine, titled "Meet Our Youngest Business Owner."  "When Grayson opened his business account, he was the youngest business account owner in Northwest Federal's history," Leesburg Branch Account Manager Sherry Henein said she was excited at the chance to help out such a young entrepreneur. Read the full article online.


Late summer 2011...


After a slew of activities, Grayson and Gretchen asked if they could have another lemonade stand. We had hosted a dinner party the night before and had leftover lemon sorbet, and so they sold that instead. They discovered sorbet was very popular.  Selling sorbet turned into an every-weekend event.  We made a variety of flavors, and also started making gelato.  With sales in our small neighborhood sometimes going up to $50 in an afternoon, we knew we were on to something. A year later, we had a weekend stand at Carolina Brothers BBQ, were on the menu at Lost Rhino Brewing Company and Mediterranean Breeze, and were selling quarts and pints by the order.  We are now expanding our restaurant presence and our quart and pint sales in display freezers.


And we have kept our frozen treats the same as when we started: fresh ingredients, homemade, small batch, fantastic flavor.





"We just bought our first pint of GG's (Milk Chocolate) at The Wine'ing Butcher - Ashburn VA this weekend. We had to go back today to get two more pints (strawberry gelato and mango sorbet)."  -  Gazal M., Ashburn


"I had GG's Frozen Treats at an afterschool function and it was amazing!  The salted caramel gelato was the best I ever tasted and it left me wanting more.  You won't be disappointed if you have GG's Frozen Treats cater your next event."  -  Katie H., Ashburn (Stone Bridge High School)


"I just tried my first taste of GG's Salted Caramel gelato and it was delicious.  It blows the Ghirardelli sea salt and Caramel shake I had right out of the water!" -Jonathan A., Ashburn


Have a quote about GG's Frozen Treats?  Send us your input via our Contact Us page, and if we use your quote on our website, we'll give you a free pint!
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